Public Affairs

In public affairs, strategy and nuance are everything. Grisko develops highly targeted public affairs strategies that reach the stakeholders you need to achieve your policy goals.

We have led successful legislative and regulatory campaigns on a host of high-profile issues—from energy policy to infrastructure development to healthcare access. Our strong understanding of the business, civic and government sectors helps us to anticipate challenges and identify opportunities. We’ve helped our public affairs clients make an impact at the local, state and federal levels.

Related Work

American Beverage Association

Grisko managed a media relations and stakeholder outreach campaign bolstering legislation that prevented a significant tax on bottled water in Chicago.

Equal Justice Illinois Campaign

Grisko led a statewide public affairs and messaging campaign that increased state funding for legal aid from $500,000 to $3.5 million – despite a major budget crisis.

Advance Illinois

A bipartisan advocacy group, Advance Illinois seeks to implement a public education system that prepares all students for college and work. Grisko guided the organization during negotiations for a heated, yet landmark, education reform bill in Illinois, and through strategic message development and public relations, elevated its role as a key negotiator and policy shaper.

Featured Work