Beth Yates

Executive Vice President & COO

Beth oversees the agency’s operations, finances, contractual agreements and human resources, helping to foster employee growth and achieve the agency’s goals.


You were there when it all began. How has Grisko changed over the years?

I joined Grisko back in the nineteen hundreds; 1997 to be exact. Carolyn had recently left the service of Mayor Richard M. Daley, and our concentration on public affairs was fueled by her expertise in government. We had three full-time employees and one part-timer in our small Loop office. More than 15 years later, I’m sometimes amazed when I look around our large River North office and see more than 20 employees working with such a wide range of clients. We’ve come a long way.


What successes at Grisko are you most proud of?

With every visit to a restaurant or music venue, I’m reminded of the success of our Smoke-Free Chicago campaign. Even our less visible victories, such as raising registration rates for organ donation in Illinois, reinforce that we have been, and still are, such an integral part of the past and future of this city and region.

But I’m also proud of the unique workplace culture we’ve been able to create –and maintain—throughout our growth and success. We’re careful to hire people with not only exceptional smarts and experience but also with the desire to work collaboratively. It’s the only way we can be the genuinely integrated firm we set out to be.


You are passionate about music and play in several local bands. Can you share some of your speech if you win a Grammy?

My music will never, ever, win a Grammy. However, I would sincerely like to thank Carolyn and many other coworkers for being so supportive over the years and attending my shows—even when they’re on a school night. That says a lot about this agency.


B.S., Psychology, University of Michigan