How do you encourage adoption of a new transit technology?

Growing ridership, increasing revenue, building brand equity and complying with a legal requirement were just a few of the issues facing Chicago’s three major transit agencies. So, they joined together to introduce the Ventra App, offering customers a complete transit experience right on their smartphone, including mobile payments, account management and more. The transit agencies came to Grisko to develop a mobile app campaign to raise awareness and drive downloads among their 4 million customers.

Chicagoland at your fingertips.

Grisko developed a 12-week campaign to introduce Chicagoland transit riders to the first-ever transit payment app of its kind in the nation through education about the benefits, features and functionality. To successfully connect with riders of all three transit agencies and encourage downloads, we leveraged aspects of their current rider experience to highlight the enhancements.

The campaign, called “3-D”, showcased that real-world elements familiar to riders were now available right on their smartphone, thanks to the new Ventra App. The ads featured simple visuals of vending machines, arrival information monitors, paper tickets and more, as three-dimensional objects emerging from smartphones.

The multimedia-integrated campaign used channels that touched riders throughout their day and along their commute. Ranging from Ventra Vending Machines wrapped in giant 3-D mobile smartphones, extensive in-system, geo-targeted expandable digital banners, paid social, step-by-step how-to videos and more.

“The Ventra App enhances the convenience for customers that a modern fare payment system provides by essentially putting a Ventra vending machine in customers’ pockets. Grisko has been a critical partner in developing smart, informative and consistent branding for Ventra that clearly communicates the benefits of Ventra and the Ventra App to CTA, Metra and Pace customers.” Michael Gwinn, CTA Director of Revenue and Fare Systems

Mobile technology is better for everyone.

The Ventra App launch was a success, receiving praise from riders and media alike. There were more than 300,000 downloads within the first three months and in-app sales accounted for millions of dollars in revenue – triple their combined 3-month goal.