How do you help a city see past a massive reconstruction effort and envision improvements to one of its busiest streets?

The north-south leg of Wacker Drive, a major multi-level street in the heart of Chicago had to be fully reconstructed for the safety and efficiency of the tens of thousands of travelers it serviced each day.

The massive project posed a major inconvenience to businesses, as well as commuters from nearby transit centers. The prime engineer, T.Y. Lin, recognized the need for media relations and community outreach. They called on Grisko to provide marketing and PR campaigns to help make the construction as pain-free as possible.

Open up the lines of communication.

To keep the focus on the future benefits and generate additional support, Grisko developed a brand identity including a logo and campaign name – Revive Wacker Drive. We focused on the people who matter most and partnered with area businesses and building managers to address concerns and provide transparency throughout construction. Our PR campaign kept Chicagoans up to date on the progress.

In addition to marketing collateral such as brochures, flyers and detailed maps of construction efforts, we created a website to serve as a central hub for news, progress, traffic reports and other information. By managing stakeholder expectations, we kept commuters, businesses and residents informed of the roadway revival’s benefits while minimizing the risk of resistance and backlash.

On time. On budget. In harmony.

With Grisko’s help, the Revive Wacker Drive campaign converted what could have been a major source of public outcry and media criticism into a source of support and pride for the community. By proactively addressing businesses and commuter needs, Grisko helped the City of Chicago complete construction with public support.