How do you convince the remaining holdouts to switch to Ventra?

After the successful launch of Ventra®, technical complications created fear and skepticism in the remaining 30 percent of riders. An education marketing campaign was needed to address the specific questions of Chicago transit rider holdouts.

Persuasion through education.

After diagnosing each audience’s concerns, we developed a targeted advertising effort with specific educational messages about the transition process. The ad campaign featured in-system, print, radio, collateral and point-of-sale at Ventra retailers.

Additionally, Grisko planned and staffed dozens of community outreach events and provided in-station customer support.

Grisko adapted immediately to the evolving needs of Chicago area transit riders, executing a myriad of timely and effective communications strategies that ultimately helped move the entire region to Ventra over a short period of time. Matthew Cole, Exec. VP, Strategy & Business Development, Cubic Transportation Systems

A smart commuter is a happy commuter.

As a result of our education campaign, hundreds of thousands of people interacted with the updated site and ‘How-To’ videos. Social media also became a consistent source of trusted information for riders. Grisko managed all social media channels; and through our deep understanding of the Ventra system, we served as customer service specialists, helping riders navigate challenges and concerns. Adoption rates increased week after week, leading to a seamless final transition.