How do you showcase an architectural design firm’s expertise to multiple audiences?

With a diverse collection of work and roster of unique talent, VOA sought a platform to share its thought leadership. Grisko developed a digital marketing strategy and design execution to help VOA connect with audiences across diverse industries and standout within a crowded architectural firm landscape

Creating a public stage.

VOA desired a flexible content platform encompassing long and short stories, quick updates, video, imagery and more. We created a dynamic blog reflecting VOA’s design philosophy.

The VOA blog featured a unique, one-of-a-kind content customization tool. Adjustable interactive sliders allowed visitors to determine the volume of category-related content based on their degree of interest in each. These selections would remain whenever the visitor returned to the blog and could be modified at any time.

The result was an interactive and visually engaging space that inspired and informed users through exploration.

The unique platform that Grisko created for VOA perfectly mirrors our passion for creativity and functionality. Its strong visual appeal and ability to curate inspires our visitors to become deeply engaged and share our story. Mike Toolis, CEO and Chairman, VOA Associates Inc.

Sharing content across platforms.

VOA’s global team of architects, designers and project managers use the platform to showcase their ideas and expertise. Integrated with VOA’s social media efforts, the blog serves as a resource for audiences, allowing them to share content across multiple platforms and spread the VOA story even further. The blog design also served as a catalyst for VOA’s redesign of their global website.