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Pitch It, Place It, Push It

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BY Kristin Monroe

September 13, 2018

Public Relations

Print is still alive, radio is booming (just ask Alexa), and people are still tuning into TV news, even if it’s on a smartphone app. The way we consume information is changing, and we are increasing the amount of content we consume across platforms. Enter media relations, one of the public relations’ tenants Grisko is built on.

Media relations, and its byproduct, earned media, is typically a result of established relationships with members of the media. Those skilled in the art of media relations pitch reporters on newsworthy announcements and craft unique story ideas about a brand or organization. This raises awareness and can position a company as an industry-leader.

Some organizations look at earned media placements as the end goal. What’s wrong with that? It means they aren’t considering how a placement can continue to build an organization’s reputation — and it requires thinking beyond that framed newspaper article gathering dust in the lobby.

You can extend the reach and impact of a media placement by sharing it with stakeholders. Here are a few best practices to keep pushing out earned media.

The Holy Grail: Owned Channels
These are the channels an organization controls like a website, social media and email marketing. However, sharing earned content should be more strategic than just posting to Twitter. Can you offer additional insight? Is there a key message missing from the piece? Strive for the #humblebrag.

Add the media mention on a website newsroom or dedicated news page that offers a few lines of analysis to accompany an article. Write a blog post that links back to the story. Being strategic in repurposing existing content not only saves time, it also helps reinforce a consistent brand presence.

When it comes to posting to social channels, think about who your followers are and the broader goals for each individual platform. For example, if the media mention covers an announcement about an internal initiative, consider posting to LinkedIn to attract new talent. On Instagram, leverage pieces with visual elements or develop your own. Remember to add the link in your bio or swipe up link in your Instagram Story. This is free real estate so post proudly and consistently.

Encountering a Paywall
Be on the lookout for paywalls to subscriber-only content – but don’t let the barrier discourage a post. We still advise sharing across your owned channels (in compliance with copyright laws, of course).

Here are some work-arounds:

  • Add a disclaimer so your followers aren’t surprised or annoyed. Try (paywall) or (subscription required).
  • Include a summary to provide context and consider adding a link to an owned resource similar to the article’s topic. Remember, people are most likely following social or visiting your website because they are interested in your organization’s content or offerings. So, don’t be afraid to add your voice!
  • If you’re on social media use tags or @mentions for the publication and any spokespeople who are quoted. It increases reach of a post and encourages engagement.

Communicate Internally
Employees are built in brand ambassadors, so it pays to keep them informed when the company receives recognition.

Create a space on your intranet for news updates or send out a weekly email digest.

Up Your Executives’ Cred
If your executives are frequently quoted in prominent publications, tell people about it. Make sure the executive team’s website bios (and wherever else their bios might appear) are up-to-date and their LinkedIn profiles offer a snapshot of media coverage.

A positive profile and presence of an executive reflects well on an entire organization and will increase opportunities for thought leadership.

Industry Peers
You placed it once, try to place it again! Are you part of an industry-specific organization? Share your news with trade or professional organizations for possible inclusion in a newsletter or other publication.

You and your communications team put in the hard work, as did the journalist; be sure to make the most of any earned media your organization receives.

Photo of Kristin Monroe

BY Kristin Monroe

September 13, 2018

Public Relations