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Camelot Illinois took over as private manager of the Illinois Lottery in 2018. As the successful private manager of national lotteries across the world, Camelot Illinois sought to introduce the company as an innovative technology and marketing firm as well as a good partner for the state. With deep roots in Illinois, Grisko was the right firm to help the young company meet aggressive legislative and sales goals.


Camelot Illinois started its private management at a deficit after a series of issues in the years prior eroded public trust in the Illinois Lottery. It needed a partner who could develop a public relations and public affairs strategy that would reshape public perception, increase win belief and promote the support for education and special causes throughout the State.

Expanding online sales to include some of the Lottery’s most popular games was critical to meet sales growth goals, but were restricted by current Illinois Lottery regulations. Changing the regulations would require a legislative action.

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Grisko activated strategic media and government relations efforts to support Camelot Illinois across the state of Illinois, starting with the company’s first Annual Business Plan. Grisko’s public affairs team provided strategic counsel on the book’s content while our creative team handled layout and production. The Plan set the tone for the new private management company and was distributed to key leaders across the state.


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From there, Grisko prepared Camelot Illinois leadership for key stakeholder and legislative meetings. In addition, a proactive public relations plan was implemented to generate positive media coverage aimed at reshaping opinions on the Lottery throughout the state. To support both media and government relations efforts, numerous creative executions ensured consistent messaging to all audiences and a unified brand.

To support established messaging, Grisko developed various branded materials and strategic content for key initiatives, including fact sheets, book marks, event invitations and a compelling Lottery Week campaign, showcasing beneficiaries of Lottery funds, amassing thousands of engagements and impressions.

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In its first full year, Camelot Illinois introduced broad technological improvements for both online and retail operations, as well as revamped marketing initiatives. The result was a record $731 million in Lottery revenue to fund public education in Illinois. In addition to hundreds of media mentions secured during that time period, Grisko’s support of a weekslong Mega Millions jackpot roll secured more than 300 media mentions, earning more than 35 million impressions, including a spot on the NBC Nightly News.

Our team prepared Camelot Illinois leadership for introductions and meetings with legislators and other key stakeholders, ultimately leading to key amendments to Illinois lottery regulations winning approval in the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

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Grisko supported Camelot Illinois and the Illinois Lottery throughout a weekslong Mega Millions jackpot roll, earning more than 35 million impressions from 300 local and national media mentions.

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