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As premier Holocaust curriculum resource Echoes & Reflections looked to expand its reach and increase its impact among educators, we helped our client use research to build a more accessible brand and digital platform—a strategy that led to a completely new business model.

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The Challenge

Echoes & Reflections is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reshaping the way teachers and students understand, process and navigate the world through the events of the Holocaust. Although Echoes & Reflections was an established and credible source for quality educational content, its growth plateaued since their launch in 2005. So the organization reached out to Grisko for help.

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Our Solution

Grisko began by conducting audience research to understand educators’ Holocaust curriculum needs, desires and opinions. With insights gleaned from the research, Echoes & Reflections embarked on a journey to revamp its brand and business model to connect with educators in a more accessible way—digitally.

We developed a powerful, new brand narrative and identity that elevated the Echoes & Reflections mission. We crafted a new logo and comprehensive visual brand identity that was fresh, compelling and dynamic. These assets were effectively rolled out across all collateral, brand assets and social media channels.

Then we shifted gears to redesign the website to improve user experience while providing a total overhaul to existing in-person teaching materials. We created a digital platform that supported teachers inside and outside the classroom with comprehensive lesson plans, easy-to-use multimedia resources and professional development programs.

Building on the successful launch of the new brand and website in Fall 2017, we worked to expand Echoes & Reflections reach and impact while bolstering their reputation nationally. Over the past two years, we’ve developed holistic communications plans across owned, earned and paid, including a targeted paid digital advertising campaign—search, social and programmatic display ads—and engaged in the brand’s first proactive national public media relations effort by tapping into Grisko’s expertise.

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Echoes & Reflections’ messaging, brand identity and website have continued to reinforce the organization’s position as a leading provider of Holocaust education resources. The Grisko team continues website optimizations to meet the changing needs of the teachers and accommodate new program development and updates.

Our intent in 2018 was to establish and grow an online presence, increasing the number of qualified individuals engaging with the Echoes & Reflections website. Leveraging a highly targeted digital media plan, we’ve garnered more than 19.5 million online impressions and more than 80,000 clicks to their website—delivering more than double of our established benchmarks. All of which helped Echoes’ exceed their 2018 goals—tripling online class registrations, increasing attendance of in-person professional development by 14 percent, increasing website visits by 139 percent and increasing engagement across all owned social channels by almost 50 percent.

Grisko introduced the brand to targeted education publications while cultivating a network of media-primed teachers who champion the Echoes brand. From op-eds and contributor posts to feature stories, more than half a million impressions were secured in leading education publications including The 74 Million, eSchool News and Education Dive, along with an increase in social media engagement and media placements in local news outlets across the country.

Why Teach About the Holocaust?

The lasting lessons of the Holocaust are found in countless social issues unfolding in the world today. With this thirty-second, we wanted to infuse a sense of urgency upon educators to teach this important subject by juxtaposing contemporary imagery with historical imagery from the Holocaust.

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I cannot imagine a better partner than Grisko. As a non-profit, we needed a communications firm that would take the time to really understand our mission and who we are. The Grisko team led us in a collaborative and thoughtful process that led us to a whole new visual identity, messaging, and a beautiful, content-rich, and immersive website for our educators. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated group of professionals.

Lindsay J. Friedman, Managing Director, Echoes & Reflections

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