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Chicago education advocates realized they had to develop a comprehensive plan for revitalizing public high schools across the city. They asked Grisko to lead them through the process of developing the initiative and ensuring a successful launch.

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The Challenge

Opportunity gaps exist in Chicago public schools, leaving many neighborhood public high school students without full access to the resources that are fundamental to their academic and personal development.

Driven by a national effort to reinvest in public schools through more and better learning time, The Chicago Community Trust, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union, received funding from the Ford Foundation to create a citywide initiative to provide all Chicago students with top-quality neighborhood public high schools that serve as anchors in every community.

The initiative required an inspiring brand identity and a communications foundation to build a platform for ideas, dialogue and ultimately, change. That’s where Grisko came in.

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Our Solution

Grisko’s communications strategy centered on the most important stakeholders of all: the students. We created a powerful and youthful brand, Generation All, and developed compelling messages to reach diverse audiences from educators and parents, to civic leaders and community groups. Grisko designed digital tools, including an engaging website rich with information and resources. We also developed social media platforms for conversations about equity in education.

Generation All’s yearlong planning process included parents, educators, administrators, researchers, public officials and community leaders. A long-term Action Plan was created for revitalizing Chicago’s neighborhood public high schools to ensure that all students have access to a top quality public school, no matter their zip code. Grisko developed engaging messages, promotional social posts, a compelling brochure and website content, and strategic media relations to support the launch event and galvanize the local community. Grisko also provided a creative launch plan for the event that included information stations that celebrated high schools and educated participants about various aspects of the Plan.

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The launch of Generation All’s Action Plan in 2016 was a major success attended by students, teachers, parents, community leaders and education influencers, as well as the media. The event garnered positive media coverage from all of the major Chicago education reporters and the initiative continues its mission of revitalizing public high schools.

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generation all advertising marketing public relations affairs
generation all advertising marketing public relations affairs
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From day one, we relied on Grisko’s expertise as we created the Generation All initiative and prepared for its successful launch. Their team understood the challenge we were taking on, the story we needed to tell and how we needed to share it. It was a true partnership from beginning to end.

Beatriz Ponce de Leon, Executive Director, Generation All

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