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We're all born curious.

We honed in on the universal truth about curiosity to build excitement for Chicago’s Field Museum as it strategized to attract a new generation of explorers.

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The Challenge

One of Chicago’s greatest attractions, The Field Museum, wanted to find new ways to capture the attention of a younger generation. The board and staff created a strategic plan to make the museum more engaging and called on Grisko to create a public relations plan for rolling out this new strategy to stakeholders and the public.

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Our Solution

The Field Museum is more than exhibitions and collections. It’s a leading research institution with top scientists making discoveries all over the world. And new digital app technology is changing the way people interact with exhibits every day. Our job was to inform executive and civic organizations about everything taking place inside and outside The Field.

Curiosity is the driving force behind everything being done at The Field — from the conservation efforts made by scientists in South America to the visitor experience in the museum. So we developed a visually engaging presentation to help The Field’s president rally stakeholders to the new vision. The highlight was an inspirational short film about the brand we created featuring a central theme about the curious nature of people.

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The presentation has been used to build energy and excitement around the Field’s future plans. And it’s gaining traction among key internal and external audiences, including donors, supporting the Museum’s major capital campaign and helping shape the future of one of Chicago’s finest institutions.

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The video Grisko created tapped into an important human insight. Curiosity is what drives people at the Field, whether you’re a scientist studying DNA samples, or a child fascinated by an 80-million-year-old dinosaur bone.

Dr. Richard Lariviere, President & CEO, The Field Museum

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